PKN Dallas vol. 1: The first PKN was at SMOKE in February 2010. Presenters included:
Bang Dang – an architect,
Catherine Horsey – a preservationist,
David Gotl – sneaker collector,
Allison V Smith – professional photographer,
Brian Gibb – gallerist,
Cherie Boettcher – a midwife.

PKN Dallas vol 2: The second ever PKN Dallas was in May 13, 2010 at Sons of Hermann Hall. It was a mashup of PKN and Spark Club, an emerging network of social entrepreneurs and artists. Speakers included:
Jason Roberts – community organizer,
Omar Jahwar – director of Vision Regeneration,
Tori Trad – architect with Perkins Will,
Marianna Griggs – community gardens of Oak Cliff,
Benje Feehan – Congo Street Project,
Stacy Caldwell – director at Dallas Social Venture Partners,
The guys from 48 Nights
Greg Metz – UTD professor and artist activist.

PKN Dallas vol. 3: Our third PKN was at the Dallas Center for Architecture July 2010
Presenters included:
Scott Horn – wire sculptor artist
Nancy Rebal – artist with a social mission
Sean Springer – furniture maker
Edward Ruiz – toy maker and scene maker
Jonathan Brown – architect
Kevin Sloan – landscape architect
Joyce Martin – artist
Brad Ford Smith – artist
Chris Arnold – muralist
Brad Goldberg – artist of large scale projects
Tish Brewer – paper conservator.

PKN Dallas vol. 4: The fourth PKN was at the Wyly Theatre Oct 13, 2010. Presenters included:
Bill Holston – attorney
Mark Gunderson – Architect
Jessie Zarazaga – Architect
Richmond Punch – musician
Buck and Camp – renegades from Marfa
Bruce Webb – Webb Gallery
Elizabeth Wattley – Paul Quinn College Farm
Steve Rainwater – geek
Cathey Miller – artist
Janice Provost – Parigi Restaurant / Cafe Momentum
Nick Ley – tattoo artist
Rawlins Gilliland – NPR Commentator

PKN Dallas vol. 5: The fifth PKN was at University of Dallas and social entrepreneur presenters included:
Greg Bell, COB University of Dallas ,
Janie Barrera,CEO of Accion Texas ,
Steve Palma, CFO of Central Dallas ,
Matt Smith, Manager of Pepsi’s “Food for Good” program,
Salah Boukadoum, Founder of Soap Hope,
Bob Wright, Dallas Social Venture Partners,
Pam Gerber & George Ellis, Entrepreneurs for North Texas ,
Keith Thode, COO of Aidmatrix,
Charlotte Keany, North Texas Social Enterprise Alliance ,
John Watters, Center for Entrepreneurship at UD

PKN Dallas vol. 6: May 12, 2011 at Sons of Hermann Hall. Speakers included:
Andrew Sturm, bcWorkshop
Harvey Lacey, Ubuntu Box
Sean Garman, Perkins+Will
Kael Alford, war photographer
Michael Siegel, Green Food Truck
Dustin Haisler, Manor Texas CIO
Michael Precker, The Lodge
Dr. Monica Evans, UT Dallas

PKN Dallas vol. 7: September 29, 2011 at the Texas Theater. Speakers included:
Karen Hughes – CEO of Vogel Alcove
Frank Lopez – teacher with Greenhill School
Mike Morath – board member of DISD School Board
Martha Fernandez – teacher with Uplift Education
Eva Semrad – student with Greiner Middle School
Schelly Porter – an Olympian with Special Olympics Texas
Tara Mays – teacher with Molina High School
Fred Pena – mentor with Back Porch Studio
Angela Fulbright with Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy
Stephen Elwood with Corgan
Truc Phung – presenter for Real School Gardens
Joe Millazzo with The Writer’s Garrett

PKN Dallas vol. 8: January 10, 2012 at the Texas Theater and was guest-curated by the National Speakers Association. Speakers included:
Adele Good
Barbara Petsel
Dave Lieber & Michael Hoffman
James Hahn
Joy Macci
Karl Meisenback
Mary Warren
Nancy Addison
Pam Weatherford
Robert Feguson
Robin Barnhart
Ron Hoestery

PKN Dallas vol 9: The focus of this event was Urban Renewal 2.0 held on May 10 at the Davy Crockett School . Speakers included:
Ken Good (Good Signature Properties), Owns & currently renovating the David Crockett School
Jason Roberts (Congressional candidate, Better Block Originator, Bike Friendly Oak Cliff & Art Conspiracy Co.founder, Oak Cliff Transit Authority Founder & President…)
Noah Jeppson (Dallas Parking Day)
Wanda Dye (University of Texas at Arlington), Professor of Architecture
Diane Collier ( West Henderson Neighborhood Association), Designer & Community Organizer
Patrick Ken nedy (Carfree Dallas), Urban Planner & writer
Shannon Driscoll & Kayli House Cusick (Oil & Cotton), Small Business Owners & Artists
Samuel Stiles (Dallas Parks Foundation), Director of Development
Jim Anderson, Historic Preservation Consultant